Mentoring youth to become a victor

Through mentoring and focusing on individuals’ well-being and strengths, a change of mindset will occur and help change their mindsets, create their lives and impact their surrounding community regardless of their circumstances. 

Building community leaders

We believe that Mentoring is the key to help our youth change their mindset, create their life and impact their community.

Preventing child sex-trafficking

AT ARISE Project For Humanity, we are committed to prevent child sex trafficking in the first place by teaching our youth key principles that will help protect nations and keep them safe.

Investing in local startups

ARISE Project For Humanity gives young people the encouragement and tools to think of themselves, not just now, but to focus on their future selves

"Ourrescue Believes in what Williamson and ARISE are doing.

ARISE Project For Humanity, what they are doing is also a preventative measure. When children are being educated, when they have structure in their lives they are less likely to be taken by bad guys. It is that kind of infrastructure that protects children. It is a very big deal to us that groups like ARISE exist because it directly helps our efforts to build nations and keep children safe.''

Tim Ballard
CEO & Founder of Operation Underground Railroad


6 years ago, we founded @ariseprojects and did something new in Haiti – we “democratized” luck. In my own mentorship journey, I knew luck had played an important role, and I was determined that others, many others, would get those same chances.
So, we created an organization with a single focus: Haitians mentoring Haitians. We knew that if we equipped young people with the tools and the opportunities to succeed, this was the only sustainable, dignified way to create a path to prosperity, substituting hand-outs for self-reliance and pioneering a 21st century philanthropy.

We wanted to change how Haiti is perceived and how Haiti grows – creating something transformative, scalable, inclusive, youth-focused, and Haitian-led. Aid has a role, it has saved many lives, but it does not challenge the status quo.
Mentorship and Entrepreneurship, not charity, gives us control and allows us to grow our talents, harness our drive and our resilience, as Haitians.

Learn more on how the @ariseprojects is impacting Haiti and mentoring over 7,000 mentees every year.

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In one of the harshest places on Earth, in one of the hardest years in history, you proved that nothing could stand in the way of generosity. We are deeply humbled by your unshakable commitment to helping us preventing child sex-trafficking through our mentoring program. On behalf of our local partners and the communities that will be served in Haiti, we thank you!

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