We empower youth to rise through mentoring

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Our Purpose

As our mentees graduate from the 12 week curriculum, they enter their community equipped with powerful habits for life success, a vision for their future, and goals that are broken down into obtainable benchmarks. 

ARISE Project For Humanity gives young people the encouragement and tools to think of themselves, not just now, but to focus on their future selves. We charge our teens to redirect their focus on their dreams and aspirations to set them on the path of fulfilling their purpose. 
All activities, lessons, discussions, and challenges are designed to inspire, motivate, and push our students toward a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. Young people engage with mentors and other young their age in a positive environment. They are surrounded with mentors that truly care. We have Haitians mentoring Haitians so that the power can come within it's own country.

Our Story

As a survivor from the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Williamson takes advantage of every moment, experience, and opportunity he is given in life. He moved to the U.S. to study in 2015 but also met the love of his life. He has shared his near death experience in many schools and functions all over the United States and Haiti. 
His passion is to empower youth all over the world to believe in themselves. Through lots of hard work, he now owns his own small business and is also the founder of a non-profit organization that empowers youth in Haïti and in the US called ARISE Project For Humanity. He continues to take trips back to his home country with his organization. He is a husband and father and lives with his family in Bountiful, Utah. In all of life's challenges he searches for a way to remain positive and hopeful.


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In one of the harshest places on Earth, in one of the hardest years in history, you proved that nothing could stand in the way of generosity. We are deeply humbled by your unshakable commitment to helping others. On behalf of our local partners and the communities that will be served in Haiti

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