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Help us build the first mentoring center in the Caribbean

This Mentoring Center will be the first of its kind in Haiti. The long-term vision is to build one of these Center in each of Haiti's departments. The impact and significance by the success of our Mentoring Program in Haiti. We have gained first hand experience as well as unique and tested strategies that will be applied to this full-scaled center. 

Whether you’ve been a part of this community from the start, or you’re just getting started, you belong here. With your support, we can build a place for these youth to learn the principle that will change their life, their community and their country out of poverty. 

With you, we will inspire and empower people to change their world.

We focus on solving problems, not taking sides. We strive to collaborate, not to compete. We win when ordinary citizens understand the impact every individual can make in a community, regardless of who they are or what they believe. For us, there is victory in civic engagement that goes beyond border, party, or pride.

Imagine a country built on Mentoring. What happens when we empower and help each other reach their full potential? We can be the reason that can lay the foundation for a peaceful and sustainable future among the youth.

Take the pledge with ARISE. 

From mentoring 7,000+ youth in the Haiti to developing programs that will reach young people across the island, we are continually adding exceptional mentors that will put our mission into action.

We hope you'll join us.

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