Haitians Empowering Haitians

When it comes to empowering generations to rise up, mentoring is inevitable. Life’s challenges, insecurities, lack of opportunities and leadership can be a roadblock for some generations—just like in Haiti. But no matter the challenge, reliable access to a mentor is worth stewarding with excellence. Learn how mentoring is making concrete change:

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Our Why

For youth who are at risk for or have experienced child commercial sexual exploitation, the need for healthy, supportive relationships is even greater. The trauma that those survivors have experienced is immense and the road to recovery is long. Having someone to walk beside them and encourage them through their recovery journey can make a huge difference. A mentor is someone who can provide this support. By its very definition, a mentor is “an experienced and trusted adviser.” Having an experienced and trusted adviser is something that we all find benefit in and, for youth, it is an important factor in positive outcomes.

So having a team on the ground can make a significant difference in the lives of youth who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation.

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