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A place to inspire and create the leaders of tomorrow. The leaders of our community needs to be transformed. The work to create our first Mentoring Center is still going and we can't wait to have a facility for our mentors and mentees to meet.

The Mentoring Center is a social and recreational center intended primarily for use by youth ages 11 to 28 years. In some cases, children as young as six years old will use the Center, but usually only if special programs are in place to accommodate them. The Center supports opportunities for youth to develop their social, emotional, and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship, and recognition

This Mentoring Center will be a multi-functional facility that will provide opportunities for individuals to elevate themselves via a truly supportive education, business and health-oriented environment, and includes four components: the Educational component, the Business Development component, the Community Hall and the Recreational Component.

The Mentoring Center will offer a various programs such as:


* Mentoring Program & Coaching

* Life Coaching & Therapy Session

* Rescue Center for survivors from Sex Trafficking


* Cultural Meetings & Conferences

* Computer Laboratory ( Software, Coding, Online Learning)

* Live Podcast / Recording Studio (Story Telling)


* Rescue Center for survivors from Sex Trafficking

* Teen pregnancy Training Sessions

* Aftercare Mentoring

* Life Coaching & Therapy Session


* Resources for businesses 

* Computer Laboratory ( Software, Coding, Online Learning)

* Co-working Space ( Networking / Club Meetings / Crafts)


* You can donate a building to us

* Paypal : @arisenonprofit

* Venmo : @ariseprojects

* CashApp : @ariseprojects

* You can mail a check or money order to ARISE Project For Humanity at :

80 Meadow Lakes Drive, Lexington, GA 30648.

This Mentoring Center will be the first of its kind in the community The long-term vision is to build one of these campuses in each area we serve. The impact and significance of this mentoring center will be remarkable. We have gained first hand experience as well as unique and tested strategies that will be applied to this full-scaled center.

How much are you willing to contribute to help us build our first mentoring center? Do you believe our youth needs better leaders? How much do the youth mean for our society? These questions will be answered by how you decide to move forward as a contributor, action taker, game changer, investor, visionary, legacy builder or history maker.

Details about the first Mentoring Center is available upon request.

You can call (801) 706-5523 / 706-371-2185

or email


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