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Our curriculum will be reviewed and adjusted by certified Mentors together with our Mentoring Program Director and the team. We ensure that the program will be of most benefit to our participants, both survivors of sex-trafficking and potential victims, by working closely together with our Mentors and the entire team.


​A successful mentoring process begins with effectivewith an effective recruitment and selection. Through our screening processes, mentors and mentees will go through different steps to ensure competency, consistency and commitment. The Arising Mentoring Program is committed to recruiting the qualified mentors. This will help to solidify and achieve the Ariseachieve Arise program’s aims and expected outcomes. We believe that mentors play a critical role in mentees’ life. Therefore, selecting the ideal candidate to participate in our mentoring program is crucial to the development and functioning of the programs. Prospective candidates should be able to demonstrate characteristics and leadership by meeting or exceeding Arise’s mission, goals and objectives. MentorsMentor and Mentees will be recruited based on the following information below. Potential  candidates (Mentors/Mentees) will be invited for a formal interview or information session. The process to become a mentor consists of several stages which depend on the location of registration of the mentoring program. The recruitment policy should provide clear direction regarding the development, implementation, and review of a mentor recruitment plan. A recruitment plan is critical to obtaining volunteer mentors and instrumental to the success of your program.The program coordinator assumes lead responsibility for the recruitment of new mentors. Other mentoring program staff, the executive director, and program director will support the program coordinator in these activities as required.


A mentor screening policy establishes a non-negotiable requirement that all applicants must complete your established screening procedure prior to being approved for participation in the program. The screening policy provides clear requirements for program staff for how they must screen potential mentors and mentees. It is the policy of the ARISE Mentoring Program that each mentor and mentee applicant completes a screening procedure. All  members must be trained and required to carefully follow the screening procedures. At minimum, the following screening procedures are required for mentor and mentee applicants. Program director  must ensure that each applicant completes these established minimum screening procedures


Mentor Recruitment Objectives

  • To recruit mentors whose skills, motivations, talents, attitudes, behaviors and background that best match the vision, goals, and objectives of ARISE. 

  • To provide relevant training, workshops  to mentors through innovative programs.

  • To provide resources to mentors who meet eligibility criteria of the Arise Mentoring program.

  • To identify and match mentors with mentees for effective relationships in the program.

Mentee Recruitment Objectives: 

  • To recruit mentees whose skills, motivations, talents, attitudes, behaviors and background that best match the vision, goals, and objectives of ARISE. 

  • To provide relevant skills to mentees through innovative programs and activities.

  • To require young mentees to achieve their desired results after completing the mentoring program.

  • To explain transition after completing the mentoring program to a selective entrepreneurship program that equips the young to become responsible, creative, autonomous and a contributorand contributor within his/her community.

  • To encourage mentees to recruit fellow peers to be mentees in Arise. 



​The decision to accept an applicant into the program will be based upon a final assessment done by the Executive by Executive Director and Program director  at the completion of the mentor or mentee screening procedure. The program director has final approval for an applicant’s acceptance into the program. No reason will be provided to mentor applicants rejected from participation in the program. All mentors are expected to meet the eligibility criteria. However, extenuating circumstances may be reviewed at the discretion of the program coordinator and acceptance may then be allowed with written approval of the executive director and representative of the board of directors when all eligibility requirements are not clearly met. These instances are expected to be rare. Documentation of the screening process must be maintained for each applicant and placed in confidential files. 


  • Complete personal (mentee) interview

  • Mentors will participate in formal interview  with program director 

  • Complete application process and provide reference check 

  • Prospective mentors to provide a resume or CV.

  • Submit an essay depending on location or country.

  • Arise Mentoring Program  will assess mentor’s skills and strengths 

  • Arise Mentoring Program  will assess mentor’s availability and commitment  

  • Prospective mentors will complete a written application that includes questions designed to help assess suitability for ARISE Mentoring program mentoring a youth.

  • Prospective mentors will provide a three- minute that answers questions designed to help assess suitability for ARISE Mentoring program mentoring a youth. 


  • Mentees will provide written consent agreeing to participate in their mentoring program

  • Assess  time commitment that is required by the mentoring program.

  • Arise Mentoring Program will assess mentee’s needs and strengths 

  •  Mentees will  complete the Arise Mentoring  application 



  • Be at least 21 years of age 

  • Reside in the designated area 

  • Be willing to adhere to all New Insights Mentoring Program policies and procedures

  • Agree to a one-year commitment to the program Commit to spending a minimum of eight hours a month with the mentee 

  • Be willing to communicate with the mentee weekly Complete the screening procedure Agree to attend mentor trainings as required Be willing to communicate regularly with the program coordinator and submit monthly meeting and activity information

  • Be able to commute and be able to use electronic devices.



  • Be 13 and up

  • Reside in the specific area 

  • Demonstrate a desire to participate in the program and be willing to abide by all New Insight Mentoring Program policies and procedures

  • Be able to obtain parental/guardian permission and ongoing support for participation in the program 

  • Agree to a one-year commitment to the program Commit

  • Be willing to communicate with the mentor weekly 

  • Complete screening procedure Agree to attend mentee trainings as required 

  • Be willing to communicate regularly with the program coordinator and discuss monthly meeting and activity information


  • Mentors will complete online video training.  

  • Mentors will participate in ARISE Conduct orientation Day.

  • Mentors will complete all forms and sign confidentiality forms. 

  • Mentors Sign all Agreement Mentoring/ Arise Agreement. 

  • Mentos Review Benefits Package and Explore transition Programs.  

  • Mentees to agree in writing to complete the curriculum of the mentoring program. 

  • Parent authorization signage/meeting with parents in designated areas. 



  • Program director to arrange the initial meeting for the pair for mentee and mentor.

  • Provide the mentor and mentee with background information about each other.

  • Plan to attend the meeting to make introductions and review program details.

  • Review program’s rules, requirements, and policies with mentors Mentees

  • Have the mentor and mentee sign a commitment agreement to formalize the match.

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