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ARISE in the Dominican Republic

Our founder Williamson just returned from the Dominican Republic to show support to the youth leadership summit organized by our dear friend, Marcus, the founder of ImarVentures. It was a summit full of conversations with young activists, influencers, organizers, and public figures. We are continually inspired by what happens when Haitians lean in to make a difference together. Statistics shows that Haitians constitute a significant minority within the Dominican Republic. Estimates range between 650,000 and 1 million Haitians who live in the country.

We had the chance to talk with some young people who are helping lead the community in the Dominican Republic and in Haiti, and we could not be more impressed by their courage, creativity, and persistence. They give us hope. With our new mentoring that will be expanded in the Dominican Republic, we hope to continue our efforts to continue our efforts to empower the youth to change their mindset, create their life and impact their community.

We believe that young leaders have more at stake in the mission to help rebuild Haiti by creating concrete change than anyone else. Our founder Williamson had the chance to meet with leaders like Manuel Pacheco who is the Director of ministry of tourism of the Dominican Republic and several young people who are helping lead the way. Mostly, we walked away with immense gratitude for this incredibly talented and passionate group of professionals we get to partner with in the Dominican Republic in our shared mission to empower youth through mentoring. We are so thankful to do this work together.

Having a Mentoring Program among this people will help them discover their true power. The mission of Arise is deeply rooted in a set core values, principles and goals. These core values are embraced by our mentors through a pedagogical key of mentoring which is the foundation of Arise’s unique purpose, goal, and vision. When it comes to empowering generations to rise up, mentoring is inevitable. Life’s challenges, insecurities, lack of opportunities and leadership can be a roadblock for some generations—just like in Haiti. But no matter the challenge, reliable access to a mentor is worth stewarding with excellence.

We're excited for to expand our work in more communities next year and do more in the Caribbean.

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