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Changing Lives in Haiti Through Mentoring.

We believe that sustainable work is locally led. That’s why 100% of your donation goes straight to funding our mentoring program that are implemented by teams of local experts like our mentor Francisca who is a certified mentor in Haiti.

We are committed to empowering the next generation to change their mindset, create their life, and impact their community through mentoring.

Today, there are 46 million young people, aged 8-18, living in America. 16 million of them are growing up without a mentor. That's one out of every three young people who, outside of their family at home, don't have a trusted adult who they believe they can turn to for advice and guidance. Of those young people, 9 million face a variety of day-to-day challenges that put them at-risk for falling off track.

Mentoring creates meaningful connections that can positively impact the lives of both mentor and mentee. Those who receive mentorship are more likely to see improved academic, social, and economic prospects. Those who mentor are able to further build important leadership, management and creative skills, while giving back to their community.

That means that EVERY mentorship matters.

“When I told my community that I was selected to be one of ARISE mentor, “they were so happy. We are so happy that we’ve brought hope to these young leaders in Port-au-Prince.” - Francisca , Mentor in Carrefour

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it forever: Mentoring changes everything. Thank you for transforming the future for Francisca and her community.

This work takes all of us. From certified mentors like her to generous supporters like you, we all have a role in empowering this generation through mentoring.

Join us as we continue to help empower our youth in Haiti to change their mindset, create their life and impact their community through mentoring. We're seeking for your contributions to help us continue our efforts on the ground in Haiti this year.

"I visited Haiti with with Williamson and his family . This was my first visit. I have never done any work in Haiti because I never found a leader I can trust. I now have the extraordinary and exceptional leadership of Williamson Sintyl. I found him caring, selfless and kind with a strong hand. Please support him! "- Michael F.

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