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Forging A Better Future in Haiti Through Mentoring

We’re heading into the final session of the mentoring program this year, but our enthusiasm is only gaining momentum. We can’t wait to see who joins our Elite Group of Annual Donors team as we continue to work toward our goal of bringing mentoring to as many people as possible!

Amid growing insecurity and gang violence in Haiti, the numbers of desperate people trying to survive the violence has sharply increased. But there's never been a greater need for our mentoring program in Haiti. That’s why we’re asking you to come join us.

As we open new mentoring programs in more communities across Haiti, we ask our donors, supporters and doers to take action to help fund our mentoring program –because lack of education, leadership and systemic violence is as alive as ever before.

I arrived in Haiti early this morning and was received by the Minister of Haitians Living in the Diaspora. Thanks Mrs. Sandy and the team at the airport for your hospitality. (August - September 2022)

Our founder met briefly with the Chief of Staff, Inj. Patrice Pierre who works alongside the Mayor of Petit Goave and he’s someone we admire for his willingness to help support our work in Haiti.

In 2019, we had our first meeting with the Mayor of Petit Goave and his team to see how we can work together to help empower the youth in the area. It was wonderful to see them coming together to support our program. They even offered us properties just in case if we ever wanted to build a mentoring center in their community.

We’re so grateful for leaders like Inj. Patrice and the Mayor of Petit Goave for their dedication to help empower young people in the community.

“We love what Williamson and ARISE are doing in Haiti and we promised since day one to support his work at any capacity… The city of Petit Goave is standing with them” - Inj. Patrice Pierre

We want to ensure communities in Petit-Goave and beyond–have the mentorship resources they need to help them change their mindset, create their life and impact their community.

Too often, insecurity and lack of leadership stops us as Haitians who lives outside from serving in Haiti and it keeps our children in Haiti from the mentorship and education they deserve.

But a better future is already on the way. With remarkable friends and supporters like you, we’re investing in the next generation by providing access to mentoring in schools and communities. Thank you for empowering our work!

Today, during our meeting with Mayor of the South, Mrs. Sylvie Rameau, Williamson announced on behalf of @ariseprojects team, the construction of the ARISE Mentoring Center in Les Cayes, South Haiti.

We want the world to know that there is still hope for this country. We have worked and created local leaders all across Haiti who want to do their part in this change. They just need to be empowered. It will definitely takes time, effort and dedication. So we have the people. We want to make the effort. We just need the resources to make it happen. I’m asking you to come join us to help create concrete in my country of Haiti.

I have no doubt that this Mentoring Center will help empower the youth and direct them to greater path in life. That’s why, we’re working together with the locals to help create the country we all want to see tomorrow.

Cayes, south Mayor (Haiti)

I often talk about mentorship because I truly believe that access to mentoring is critical for our youth today. And we will do all we can to ensure it happens everywhere.

I spoke to hundreds of powerful young men and women in Port-a-Piment, South of Haiti with @mandodo foundation about the importance of having a mentor and the urgent role of the community leaders in empowering our youth to change their mindset, create their life and impact their community. I call all local leaders to join us to help mentor our youth today, to apply and become a mentor - a mentor that invests for the long term - that recognizes its duty to this generation - that creates value in Haiti and gives back. And @ariseprojects and @mandodo_fdn are absolutely aligned on this.

I will never cease to promote, champion and support our youth. Truly, nobody but us can develop Haiti; it is our collective responsibility as citizens, as public and private sector leaders, as opinion shapers and influencers to collaboratively create the Haiti we want for our generations.

I thank all of our supporters, partners, mentors, and urge everyone to join this collective effort with @ariseprojects

Youth conference in Port-a-Piments with Mandodo

It’s not the type of route we were expecting to take us to our meetings in Camp Perrin, Sud.

On our way to meet the local leaders, mayor, commissioners, and our lawyer in the City of Les Cayes, we found out that there is a shortage on fuel and no one is able to use their car. We decided to get on our motorcycle but it wasn’t enough.

Haitian protestors blocked many of the streets of the capital of the southern province, Les Cayes, to protest ongoing fuel shortages even as the country's main fuel terminal renewed deliveries that had been suspended due to an outbreak of gang violence.

We had to leave the motorcycle somewhere so we can cross the ravine to get us where we’re going. You know what - this is part of why we do what we do on the ground with @ariseprojects

We were safe and sound! But Please pray for the country and those small businesses that are going through this time.

Providing mentorship to Haiti’s youth—especially in the Southern part of the country—is critical to us. Our founder Williamson Sintyl together with our Mentor Emmanuel Charles were honored in front of hundreds of youth by @mandodo_fdn for their work in the community.

We’re so grateful for organizations like @mandodo_fdn for all they do in the south to keep hope alive.

The community is filled with so many passionate workers and creators who are excited to help build the first mentoring center in Haiti

You’re not only helping us build a Mentoring Center, you are also providing jobs to hundreds of men and women in the south of Haiti.

Thanks to you for making moment like this possible.

Take action today to help inspire our mentors and mentees by supporting our mentoring program in Haiti.

Ways to donate:

- Check : 80 Meadow Lakes Drive, Lexington GA 30648

- Venmo : @ariseprojects

- Paypal : @arisenonprofit

- CashApp : @ariseprojects

- Text/Call (801) 498-0201

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