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Haiti Crisis As We Are Calling Out Our Supporters

Haiti’s crisis deepens as we are calling out our supporters. ARISE Project For Humanity is gravely concerned for the wellbeing of children and their families in Haiti, amid escalating violence and worsening political and economic crises.

ARISE Project For Humanity is urgently calling on the international community to ramp up its support to the Caribbean nation, to meet the growing needs of vulnerable children and families.

More than 4.9 million people—including 2.2 million children—need assistance, many of them are from our mentoring program and suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Widespread poverty, a rising cost of living, extreme levels of violence, low agricultural production, expensive food imports and growing political instability have worsened existing food insecurity in the country.

Maëva Jean Baptiste, ARISE's Region Leader in Haiti, said:

"The situation in the country is increasingly precarious, violence has reached extreme levels. It is very difficult to access water and food, with children being the most affected, suffering from hunger and at risk of losing their lives. There is lack of health services for mothers who are blocked behind barricades. We urge the international community to continue the efforts to assist children and families in Haiti."

ARISE Project For Humanity has worked in Haiti since 2015. The organization responded to the deadly 2021 earthquake, and today addresses the basic needs of children and families, especially those living in the areas most affected by the August 2021 earthquake. This humanitarian response programming includes providing protection services in child-friendly spaces, ensuring access to health, mentorship, and education services, and providing cash transfers for the most vulnerable.

- Picture taken this week after our first mentoring session in Les Anglais, South Haiti

The electricity supply from Haiti’s grid also has become so unsteady that most of our local events (graduations, youth conferences, trainings) and offices cannot maintain operations without power provided by diesel generators.

Haiti is experiencing a worsening public health and safety crisis as armed gangs have erected road blockades in and around Port-au-Prince in anger over fuel price hikes, cutting residents and medical facilities off from access to clean water and gas.

Since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, the country has not held elections. Many Haitians hold current Prime Minister Ariel Henry responsible for the delay. The country seems to be at a boiling point. Water shortages, cholera and protests bring Haiti to a crisis point. A new round of protests, a water shortage and now a cholera outbreak are taking Haiti from bad to worse.

We're asking you to come join us to help provide urgent assistance needed to our team and partners on the ground in Haiti.

Ways you can support:

- 80 Meadow Lakes Drive, Lexington GA 30648

- Venmo : @ariseprojects

- Paypal : @arisenonprofit

- CashApp : @ariseprojects

Thank you for your faith, prayers, love, and support

For further enquiries please contact:

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