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Happy Easter from Haiti

We want every supporter that contributes to our work in Haiti to see the accomplishments of our incredible construction team in Haiti that have been helping us by finishing the outer walls of our mentoring center in Haiti. We have always said, “The precious children of Haiti are this country’s future.” Through the centuries, Haiti has had a shaky history. Even today we see the continuing unrest within the country. But, there is hope!

We’re celebrating all the different kinds of community that are impacted by mentoring — a variety clearly displayed by this vibrant community in southern Haiti.

Before, those who lived here struggled to find a movement that could inspire them to change their community. But now, after 8+ years with mentorship, we're now building the first mentoring center in Haiti and that center will be in the south.

Every kind of community can improve with access to mentoring. Jean Claude, who is a pastor in the community, tells his children, “We had no hope for your future before. But today, you are very lucky to have a center that's going to ensure you are equipped for the future.”

These are the transformative changes mentoring brings. These are the changes you make possible every time you give to our cause! Thank you for investing in Mentorship in Haiti and in the communities we serve by helping more and more people gain access to mentoring.

- Pictures taken during community construction team meeting on the land of the Haiti Mentoring Center.

Meet Adnel Dorvil, our new Country Director in Haiti

A few years ago, we received a text message from Adnel Dorvil that he wanted to join our mentoring program. He started as a Mentee, went to our 12 week program and graduated from the Mentoring Program in Port-au-Prince, Maïs Gâté. He then applied after his graduation to become a mentor so he could share the same principles and tools that he learned from the program to the youth in his community. He was accepted and started mentoring hundreds of youth in his community.

After watching him lead the program for the 12 weeks, we knew that he was destined to join our leadership team. He served as a region leader for a year while working with our mentors on the ground.

He will travel to help train new mentors and educate youth about the mentoring program on how the program works. Because of the ongoing instability and insecurity in Port-au-Prince, early this year, he moved to Arcahaie, a historical city in Haiti to continue his work despite all the challenges his family is facing in Haiti. We’re so excited to work with Adnel Dorvil in this new role to help create concrete change in Haiti.

Providing access to mentorship is one of the greatest things you can do to help bless the people of Haiti during this Easter Season. Your contributions to this cause will change lives, empower future generations and impact communities. Thank you, for supporting our mentoring program! You are impacting communities and giving them a chance to live their dreams and become productive members of their country. They are the future of Haiti!

Please email us if you have any questions at or visit to learn more about our work in Haiti.

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