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This Thriving Mentoring Group in Haiti is now Funded

Working in Haiti has not been easy, but we can’t give up on where we came from. Our vision for young boys and girls in Haiti is greater than ourselves and we must do all we can to provide the proper mentorship tools for them to succeed in life. During a recent trip, we had a chance to visit these 16 mentees in Port-au-Prince who graduated from the mentoring program last year and are thriving in their community, thanks to you.

We are incredibly grateful for your commitment to bring mentoring to some of the world’s most remote locations. We are thrilled to announce that we have funded 16 small businesses in Haiti in the last 6 months and these are 16 mentees from our program last year.

We believe that everyone, everywhere, has a role in providing access to mentoring to the youth in Haiti. Working in countries like Haiti makes existing challenges harder than they need to be - insecurities, no education, and not enough resources. But with access to mentoring, everything changes — especially for women and girls in Haiti.

No matter how much you give, 100% of your donation to ARISE funds our mentoring program. It’s been true since the very beginning and it’s still our promise today. Which means you can give with confidence, knowing where every penny of your generosity goes. Bringing life’s most basic need to people living in some of the world's hardest-to-reach places.

Today, we would like to introduce you to some of the amazing people you’re working alongside in Haiti. Adnel, who is now our country director. Mentees like Christopher, Stephie, Wadeline, Berdly, Rose, Marjories, Billy, Christine, Emmanuel, Guerlandy, Kenoze, Claude, Sarahie, and so many others local partners.

If you’ve been changing the world with us for a while, you’ve probably heard us say, “Mentoring is what is going to change Haiti." If this phrase is new to you, you’ll definitely hear it again. We say it all the time. Because over and over again, we’ve witnessed how true it is. Our founder Williamson Sintyl is a living proof of that and that's what makes this cause even more worthy because there is a passionate Haitian behind it.

When a community gets access to mentoring, development follows. We not only provide curriculum to our mentors to work with the mentees, we also provide a place where we rent for them, access to the internet that we pay for every year, equipment like laptops, phones, and basic materials for our mentors. These 16 mentees are now starting their own businesses to provide additional income for their families. They can have access to our local resources.

Thanks to supporters like you, mentoring is bringing hope to families around the country. And it really is changing everything. Learn more about the connection between mentoring and sex trafficking at

We hope this news brings you joy and helps you remember all the good things you're doing in Haiti through your contributions. And thank you for giving so much goodness to our youth in Haiti every time you give. We’re grateful for you!

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