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Williamson's 30th Birthday Gift to Haiti

Williamson Sintyl is a dreamer and a passionate believer when it comes to making great things happen among the youth in Haiti. The construction of this mentoring center has been progressing slowly and we’re still working towards our goal to make it a reality. As you know, the ARISE Project For Humanity team purchased a land in Haiti to build the center and have completed the outer wall of the center. This year, we want to move forward with the construction of the center.

For over 8 years, we have been renting places for our mentors on the ground in Haiti to meet. Now, we feel inspired to take the next step with the mentoring center because it is critical for our mentors and mentees in Haiti.

For Williamson’s 30th birthday this year, he’s raising funds to support this dream which is the mentoring center and he’s calling out all the supporters, owners, doers, and change makers to join him to help make this dream a reality for the youth in Haiti.

The mission of ARISE is deeply rooted in a set core values, principles and goals. These core values are embraced by our mentors through a pedagogical key of mentoring which is the foundation of Arise’s unique purpose, goal, and vision. Since 2015, we have supported thousands of local leaders, entrepreneurs, teens, young adults and emerging leaders all across Haiti.

This Mentoring Center will be a place to inspire and create the leaders of tomorrow. The leaders of our community need not to be transformed and we can't wait to have a facility for our mentors and mentees to meet. The Mentoring Center is a social and recreational center intended primarily for use by youth ages 11 to 28 years. The Center supports opportunities for youth to develop their social, emotional, and cognitive abilities and to experience achievement, leadership, enjoyment, friendship, and recognition

​This Mentoring Center will be a multi-functional facility that will provide opportunities for our youth to elevate themselves via a truly supportive education, business and health-oriented environment and more…

Please join us on Williamson's 30th birthday to help make this dream a reality. DONATE

Venmo: @ariseprojects

Check: 80 Meadow Lakes Drive, Lexington GA 30648

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