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Williamson's new book is OUT!

Arise Project For Humanity has had an incredible year and we thank you for your support. We have accomplished so much on the ground, and connected with over 7,004 mentees in over 70 communities all across Haiti and now, we’re expanding our mentoring program to those in the Dominican Republic. Take a moment today to check out Williamson's new book on amazon - Rising From the Rubble, which describes his journey from surviving the earthquake to founding ARISE Project For Humanity to help empower our youth to change their mindset, create their life and impact their community through mentoring. We hope as you read about Williamson’s account you’ll be inspired by his story and realize (as we already have) that all youth have the drive to rise from their personal rubble when given the right tools. As Arise looks to the future, this year and every other year, we invite you to join our “ELITE GROUP OF ANNUAL DONORS '' where we can count on your contribution every year to help us provide every youth an opportunity to rise up by funding our program.

It takes $260,400 to fund our mentoring program for a year (including paying our coordination team on ground, our country director, graduations and events fees, transportations and offices for weekly training). It’s been challenging for us to keep it running and we don’t want to stop. Like Williamson said while he was under the building, buried for 28 hours with the little boy TiBlanc in his book; “ If not for TiBlanc, I wouldn’t be here. Every time my body tried to let go, I remembered the boy trapped underneath me. I needed to stay alive for him. I told him we would live, and so we had to live. But most importantly, I’d made a promise to God. And I intended to keep that promise.” By joining us to help fund our mentoring program, you’re also helping us keep a promise we have made to serve these amazing people and inspire them to greatness.

Our main focus is to raise the yearly fund to help operate our organization every year. Below is our normal yearly cost of operations on the ground in Haiti.

We hope you join us to help make our goals possible. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you. Please contact us as soon as you decided to join our “ELITE GROUP OF ANNUAL DONORS '' at or (801) 706-5523 or address : 80 Meadow Lakes Drive, Lexington GA 30648

Again, thank you for believing in our mission, vision and passion!

ARISE Project For Humanity is an US based nonprofit public benefit corporation that has received IRS recognition of federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN #82-3073017). Contributions to APH are qualified as tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor for specific advice on tax-deductibility of charitable contributions. Contact us Directly at :

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