Rising From The Rubble

In keeping with this book’s message, all proceeds of the author’s profit from this book will be donated to his Nonprofit Organization

ARISE Project For Humanity to help mentor youth across Haiti and build the first mentoring center in the caribbean. 

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We live in a world that is full of the very best life has to offer. But we are distracted, and remain trapped and buried under it all. Rising from the rubble doesn’t happen overnight. It only took 28 hours to be freed from the building that had me trapped. However, it sometimes takes years for us to see progress on our journey. 

Each and every day since, I have moved towards where I am now. And each and every day, I continue to take steps to move forward. I know I will fulfill my mission, because I live it every day. Just like I knew each minute I would live by choosing to stay awake, by choosing to take another breath, and most importantly by making promises to God that would allow me to receive all of His blessings.

As you take the time to read this book, also take the time for yourself to think about your own mission and purpose. Again, it may take time, but each step allows the path to become clearer and clearer. It may be a struggle, but you can also pull yourself and your purpose from your own rubble that keeps you trapped.

Each breath I took under that building was one step closer to surviving. But it was each breath after that I am grateful for, because they are a blessing. Each breath you take is also a gift. It may be hard to imagine since not every breath had to be fought for.