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We’re a U.S based nonprofit providing mentorship, life coaching support and nurturing year-round environments. Whether it’s tailored care from staff in summer camp, the safe haven of after school groups, or a mentor's listening ear, we provide the support youth need to thrive in this world. When it comes to empowering generations to rise up, mentoring is inevitable. Life’s challenges, insecurities, lack of opportunities and leadership can be a roadblock for some generations—just like in some countries we serve. But no matter the challenge, reliable access to a mentor is worth stewarding with excellence. Learn how mentoring is making concrete change.

Every youth should enter our program ready for success, thrive once in the program, and be prepared to reach their full potential.

When a community doesn’t have access to mentoring, children are among the most impacted. They are more likely to get drawn into dangerous routes, miss the opportunity to become something, be trafficked by the bad guys, and lose time they could be spending with their mentors.

But thanks to #arise’s community of supporters, our team, and locals like you, mentoring is changing everything for youth around the county and around the world. Thank you for supporting big dreams and brighter futures!

Mentoring youth to change your mindset, create your life and impact your community

We inspire young leaders to be confident leaders through peer-to-peer mentoring. Our youth gain practical experience using leadership skills to plan and run weekly meetings for mentees. As they build a supportive network, our mentees learn valuable skills in a safe environment with peers who understand the difficulties and challenges they face.

Preventing child sex trafficking

Together with partner like ourrescue, we continue to fight against child sex-trafficking though our mentoring program. Over the past five years, human traffickers exploit domestic and foreign victims in Haiti, and traffickers exploit victims from Haiti abroad. Most of Haiti’s trafficking cases involve children in forced labor in domestic service, commonly called restavek, who often are physically abused, receive no payment for services rendered, and have significantly lower school enrollment rates. Between 150,000 and 300,000 children worked in domestic servitude. Many children flee these situations and become street children, facing further risk of re-trafficking. Only 105 of the total 754 orphanages housing 23,723 children were either licensed or becoming officially licensed, and 398 were considered high-risk for child safety.
AT ARISE Project For Humanity, we are committed to prevent child sex trafficking in the first place by teaching our youth key principles that will help protect this nation and keep them safe.

Building community leaders 

Empowering the youth with positive mindsets and applicable strategies for personal growth, obtainable goals, and entrepreneurial skillsets creates a powerful impact for change that is both sustainable and organic, creating leaders for tomorroe who will in turn invest in the rising generation and promote a “pay it forward” mentality.

Investing in local startups 

We work closely with locals in communities we serve to help assist them with their projects and activities that we believe will help build sustainability for all. 


The fight for a better world continues to evolve among this generation. We urge everyone to participate in rebuilding the kind of country we all want to see tomorrow.


More mentoring programs have been opened in communities across Haiti. That means, more Hope is being built in this nation. More young people will have access to a mentor, more dreams will be discovered, more change makers will be created, more opportunities for our youth to become who they were created to be...

We’re so grateful for our supporters, despite all the darkness that is going going on, they’re still believing that a better Haiti is possible and choose to stand with to help empower youth in Haiti.

Hands arise


Being a ARISE Mentor is a wonderful learning experience for both the student (mentee) and the mentor.

Every year our organization recruits over 500 committed individuals to serve as mentors for our students.


Since our mentorship program is one of the most valuable resources that ARISE offers to its students, we are looking for young leaders who have an interest and desire to help develop our students (mentees) to become future leaders of Haiti.

A Mentor must:

  • Be passionate about engaging with youth

  • Attend a two-hour orientation (evening or weekend)

  • Meet your student and his/her family at the Open Day (evening or weekend)

  • Visit your student; a minimum of 1 time a month during the 3 months session 

  • Commit to mentoring for the full three month of our curriculum.

  • Provide feedback to ARISE Project For Humanity regarding your relationship with your mentee.

  • Have your own facility or space to meet with the mentees

  • Have access to technology to join/watch our lessons and weekly webinar

  • Send a recommendation letter from a previous mentor or a local organization

If you wish to become a mentor, or have any questions, please contact

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