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ARISE Giving Tuesday

A letter from our founder Williamson Sintyl as we are celebrating Giving Tuesday.

Dear Supporters,

As I started to travel back to Haiti for the past 6 years, I started to realize that many have gotten stuck in survivalism. Devastating Natural Disasters and tumultuous leaderships have left Haitians depleted of their natural resourcefulness. Under these circumstances many are left dependent on other people, other nations and or governments. Surviving has led many into a non-growth mentality, lacking in self-esteem with no expectations or vision for themselves and little hope for their future. This is the environment under which I was raised and grew up. When I came to the US, I saw so many opportunities that allowed my vision to expand and I knew I had to do something to bring the same to Haiti.

One of the biggest issues that I saw was that Haitians don’t celebrate each other’s success. I believe the reason is because they don’t believe success is in themselves_ and that has led them to not recognizing their own potential, their own worth and capacity. Even the children feel like they’re not worthy of anything.

These realizations were sad to me because I’ve experienced what happened within me when I started to believe that I can achieve great things and that I was born for them.

When you look at how wonderful, resourceful, resilient Haitians are, it’s impossible for a nation like Haiti to not be able to rise itself up.

I believe it’s going to take the younger generation to be able to create concrete change in Haiti, I mean working together, celebrating each other's success, ending corruption, focus on education, belief in themselves and so much more.

We decided to build a mentorship curriculum that focuses on building core values. These core values are embraced by our mentors (local leaders) through our mentoring program which is the foundation of our organization’s unique purpose, goal, and vision, the name is ARISE Project For Humanity. We work with professional mentors, law enforcement, businesses and organizations to help our mentors in the process of becoming certified so they in turn can mentor young people in their community.

Utilizing a combination of principles from different industries, the curriculum is built to help young people envision change, expand their mindsets, create their lives and impact their community regardless of their circumstances. Many young Haitians have been orphaned creating victims of opportunistic predators. We mentor victims from sex-trafficking, exploitation and abuse and help them to build themselves back into society with a victor’s mindset.

I felt that if we created something that can teach Haitians and youth around the world principles that will help them to start believing in themselves, that belief would help them get rid of doubts & barriers that keeps them relying on others. This change will help them build a sustainable future by implementing our program and empowering perpetual young leaders. But the key is, it will protect this nation and keep children safe so Haiti can grow properly in the future.


This Giving Tuesday, our goal is to raise 200 thousand dollars to help us expand our mentoring program all across Haiti for 2022. Take the pledge with ARISE Project For Humanity because these people need our mentoring program more than ever and we want to do more among them. Our Mentoring Program is designed to help young people discover their true PURPOSE. In doing so we tackle various areas our teens struggle with on a daily basis. We focus on solving problems, not taking sides. We strive to collaborate, not to compete. We win when ordinary citizens understand the impact every individual can make in a community, regardless of who they are or what they believe. For us, there is victory in civic engagement that goes beyond border, party, or pride. We're counting on your contributions this season.

Williamson Sintyl

CEO & Founder

(801) 498-0201 / (801) 706-5523

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